10 Hot Stories of 2018: Shamered by No 1 Me Too shy bollywood

This year is amazing. The rush of news for the rush. Because of good and bad events Year is just going to go now. Except a lot of memories … trusting many new hopes. In the world of entertainment, the year 2018 has thrown up. There are some bitter memories, sweethearts of the princess also. By doing one, we will take you back to the daily memories of these stories.

The first thing to say was that the shame, which, if you say goodbye to 2018 and remember this lesson, that a loud voice will not only be raised against sexual exploitation against women but also will be implemented, it will be better. This campaign of Me Too began with the French woman journalist Sandra Muller, among the voices rising from almost every section of the society. Then came the genie Harvey Wisteinstein from the bottle. Many women around the world accused him of being a demon of lust.

I had begun from January but the news related to this name in India started with the last week of September. Tanushree Dutta, who got away from Limelight after working in several films including ‘Aashik Bana You’, accused Nana Patekar of tampering during the shooting of the movie ‘Honk OK please’ in 2008. He has been suffering mental torture for so many years. His point was caught by this. The FIR was registered in police case. The case was filed in court. Nana Patekar was working in the movie Housefull 4 and had to leave the film.

But this sound of Tanushree Dutta was spread in the world of entertainment by storm and storm. After this, one charge charges started to appear. Journalist Karishma Upadhyay, Actress Saloni Chopra and Reechan Bad on Famous Choreographer Farah Khan’s Director, Bhai Sajid Khan, made serious allegations of sexual harassment. Sajid was directing Akshay Kumar’s multi-starrer movie Housefull 4 at that time, before Akshay had to shoot the film, Rukavi and then Sajid had to leave the direction.